Onam is the state festival of Kearala when the entire people of Kerala celebrate this event alike without any difference of cast, creed and community. Onam is also a traditional ten day harvest festival that commemorates the homecoming of the mythical, righteous King Mahabali. It’s a festival rich in culture and heritage. Homes, streets and work places are adorned with bright floral carpets (Pookkalam) and tradiotional art performances like Pulikali ( Tiger Dance) and Thiruvathira (folk dance) are seen everywhere. Onasadhya (an elaborate festival meal served on banana leaf with 14 to 18 dishes) is another specialty of Onam. Payasam (delicious Sweetmeat or traditional Kerala dessert with a perfect mix of grains, nuts and dry fruits prepared in water or milk and ghee) is a must in Onam sadhya which conveys the message of oneness and hope of prosperity. Onam is celebrated in the beginning of Chingam (the first month of Kerala calendar – Kollavarsham). This year it will be on August 25, 2018.+